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Remembering Our Loved Ones

Yizkor provides us the opportunity to remember our loved ones. We take a few moments and daven that their neshomas (souls) experience an ongoing ascent in the highest levels of the celestial sphere. We pledge to continue a legacy and perpetuate their memory. It is during this time that we have the incredible opportunity to pledge tzedakah in their merit as well. May our teffilohs and acts of tzedakah serve as a zechus (benefit) for the neshoma and allow the neshoma to reach higher and come closer to the Ribbono Shel Olam.

To make a Yizkor donation in the zechus of your loved on, and/or if you are not able to attend and would like Yizkor said on behalf of your loved ones, please complete the form below.
Please email if you have any questions.

Yizkor Book of Remembrance 5779


Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780