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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will audit and guide all Shul finances in support of the Treasurer. They will  develop recommendations for the greater stability of Shul finances and aid in collections.
- Annual Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
- Assistance with collections 
- Major financial decision guidance
- Review of event budgets/reconciliation
- Look for opportunities to minimize Shul expenses, and streamline high cost items
- Generate ideas for Shul revenue, exploring rentals, rate increases, potential tenants, etc.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will set membership goals and promote member engagement to create a culture of inclusion and cohesiveness in the Shul.
- Build social outreach culture - stronger member to member connections and care for Shul
- Serve as social ambassadors, reaching out to members on the periphery when attending on Shabbos, special meals/events
- Working with events committee to plan annual outreach event and monthly luncheons
- Serve as shul ambassadors for new members/new comers/visitors
- Personal outreach calls to new members
- Welcome basket for new members
- Assist in making matches for hospitality/meals
- Approach new comers to become members
- Provide input into membership dues/levels

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee plays a critical role in the sustainability and growth of the Shul and works to identify key fundraising opportunities guided by the fiscal budget. 
- Help create a giving culture and build messaging in the Shul
- Enhance the sponsorship opportunities and pursue regular sponsors 
- Develop key giving initiatives that support the foundation of the Shul
- Partner with events committee on annual banquet event
- Generate revenue (look for new revenue streams: rentals, tenants, etc. working with finance team)
- Cultivate and recognize ambassador members who contribute significantly of their time and resources

Mon, October 15 2018 6 Cheshvan 5779