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Fall 2017/5778 Shiur Schedule

Rabbi Silber’s shiuirm combine Torah wisdom with contemporary meaning and Chassidic warmth. Through the Institute for Jewish Continuity, the learning arm of Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim, learners from across the globe are able to join in the beautiful learning occurring within our Shul and greater community

Regularly updated shiurim are always available online and on Podcast at

by Dr. Samuel & Malka Esterson in memory of their parents, Ludwig Stiefel, Yitzchaq Leib ben Aharon HaKohen z'l, and Hinda Esterson, Hinda bas Henech Ephraim, z'l.

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 Rabbi Silber's Shiurim

  Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Shabbos Sun
Business & Bagels: Cases in Monetary Law
(Goldberg's Bagels)
Aish Kodesh: Teachings of the Rebbe of Piacezna
(for men, Kehillas Meor HaTorah)
Psalms for the Ages: Insights into Sefer Tehillim
(for women, BJSZ sponsored by WIT)
Ethics & Ethos:
Timeless Lessons from the Weekly Parsha
Likutei Moharan: Torah of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov 
(for men, Home of Yona Ehrenfeld)
Gan HaEmunah (for men, SOTC) 5:45a 5:45a 5:45a 5:45a      
Daf Yomi (for men, SOTC) 5:55a 5:55a 5:55a 5:55a 5:55a 8:15a 8:00a
Chassidus on Parsha (SOTC)           8:35a  
Pathways of the Prophets: Insights into Neviim (SOTC)           :40min before Mincha  


Additional Learning Opportunities at SOTC

  Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Shabbos Sun
IJC Night Kollel with Shiurim & Chavrusa Learning 8:30-10:15p 8:30-10:15p 8:30-10:15p 8:30-10:15p      
Kol Hanearim Learning at the IJC Night Kollel 8:30-9:15p            
Maseches Megilah (Rabbi Shmuel Motzen) 8:30-9:20p   8:30-9:20p        
Maseches Rosh Hashana (Rabbi Raphael Gradon) 8:30-9:2-p 8:30-9:20p          
Shabbos & Yom Tov through the Light of Chassidus (Rabbi Larry Ziffer)   8:15-9:15p          
Hilchos Shabbos (Rabbi Aryeh Richter)     9:00-9:20p 9:00-9:20p      
Parsha (Rabbi Raphael Gradon)       9:00-9:20p      


Mon, December 11 2017 23 Kislev 5778