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Shavuos Learning & Lessons

In the days of Sefirah, we have the opportunity to reignite our connection and create our own Kabbolas HaTorah, as individuals, and as a kehilla. Torah provides us with wisdom, insight and holiness; an anchor in a very tumultuous time. By finishing Tanach together, we stand at the foot of Har Sinai, united as a kehilla

Let us create change! Let us welcome our Torah!
Learning: Select a piece of learning to complete on your own, with your family or a friend. Contact for recommendations.

Lessons: Then, share a "lessons learned" or spiritual reflection on current events to inspire the kehilla. Add your #changeduringcovid epiphany, experience, personal transformation, thought or essay. Writings to be included in the printable Shavuos Companion.

Select your learning and add your reflections below.
Come back to the page anytime you'd like to add something. Thoughts and essays will be included in the printable Shavuos Companion and shared online.
#changeduringcovid - find out more ways to learn, grow and give back at

It is our fervent prayer that we will culminate our learning and celebrate, together, in Shul: 
SIYUM TANACH - 2nd Day Shavuos, Shabbos 5/30 – 7th of Sivan. More details forthcoming.

Dedicated by Justin & Avigail Rosemore l'iluy nishmas, their beloved son, Coby.
Additional sponsorships available. Details below.

Siyum Tanach is dedicated by Justin & Avigail Rosemore l'iluy nishmas, their dear son, Coby.
Shavuos learning is dedicated by Sandra Hoffman in memory of her parents, grandparents and late husband:
Meyer Hersch ben Shlomo Zalman z'l, Bryna MInna bas Boruch z'l, Riva Malka bas Hillel z'l, Boruch ben Moshe Zalman z'l, Reuven ben Emanuel z'l.

Shavuos Yizkor

 Yizkor provides us the opportunity to remember our loved   ones. We take a few moments and daven that their       neshamos (souls) experience an ongoing ascent in the highest   levels of the celestial sphere. We pledge to continue a   legacy   and perpetuate their memory. It is during this time that we have   the incredible opportunity to pledge tzedakah   in their merit as   well. 

 To make a Yizkor donation in the zechus of your loved one,   please complete the form below. All names will be printed below and included in forthcoming Shavuos emails and the printable Shavuos Companion.

For available learning portions - see below.
To sign up for a learning portion - complete the short form in the right column and scroll down to hit SUBMIT. You can refresh the page to ensure you're name appears next to your preferred section.

Contact for recommendations.

BEREISHIS - Bereishis Name Coby and Yona Openden

BEREISHIS - Noach Name Yoni Weinberg

BEREISHIS - Lech Lecha Name Adina Weinberg

BEREISHIS - Vayeira Name BZ Openden

BEREISHIS - Chayei Sarah Name Akiva Weinberg

BEREISHIS - Toldos Name Karyn Gold

BEREISHIS - Vayeitzei Name Pamela Weissman

BEREISHIS - Vayishlach Name Charles Leve

BEREISHIS - Vayeishev Name Nini Charner

BEREISHIS - Mikeitz Name Sandy Hoffman

BEREISHIS - Vayigash Name Dina Charner

BEREISHIS - Vayechi Name Adina Schwarzbaum

SHEMOS - Shemos Name Esti Openden

SHEMOS - Va'eira Name Laurie Freman

SHEMOS - Bo Name Mel Pachino

SHEMOS - Beshalach Name Mel Pachino

SHEMOS - Yisro Name Etiel Weinberg

SHEMOS - Mishpatim Name Chaya Levy

SHEMOS - Terumah Name Ben Ram

SHEMOS - Tetzaveh Name Ben Ram

SHEMOS - Ki Sisa Name Jonathan Polirer

SHEMOS - Vayakhel Name Brian Ponczak

SHEMOS - Pekudei Name Joshua Cane

VAYIKRAH - Vayikrah Open Register Now
VAYIKRAH - Tzav Open Register Now
VAYIKRAH - Shemini Name Aaron Steiner

VAYIKRAH - Tazria Open Register Now
VAYIKRAH - Metzora Open Register Now
VAYIKRAH - Acharei Name menachem

VAYIKRAH - Kedoshim Name menachem sheen

VAYIKRAH - Emor Name Menachem Sheen

VAYIKRAH - Behar Open Register Now
VAYIKRAH - Bechukosai Open Register Now
BAMIDBAR - Bamidbar Name Chaim Rothschild


BAMIDBAR - Beha'aloscha Name Patty Leve

BAMIDBAR - Shelach Name Matthew Shindel

BAMIDBAR - Korach Name Charlie Abzug

BAMIDBAR - Chukas Name Gregg

BAMIDBAR - Balak Name Leah Esther Sol

BAMIDBAR - Pinchas Name Melissa Shnidman

BAMIDBAR - Mattos Open Register Now
BAMIDBAR - Masei Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Devorim Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Va'Eschanan Name Menachem Sheen

DEVORIM - Eikev Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Re'eh Name Alan Wiseman

DEVORIM - Shoftim Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Ki Seitzei Name David K Schwartz

DEVORIM - Ki Savo Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Nitzavim Name Barry Nabozny

DEVORIM - Vayeilech Name Jonathan Polirer

DEVORIM - Ha'azinu Open Register Now
DEVORIM - Vezos HaBerachah Name Karyn and Brian Gold

NEVIIM - Yehoshua 1-12 Name Stephanie Gold

NEVIIM - Yehoshua 13-24 Name Shmuel Silber

NEVIIM - Shoftim 1-10 Name Elly Goffin

NEVIIM - Shoftim 11-21 Name elly goffin

NEVIIM - Shmuel Aleph 1-15 Name Tzvi Shear

NEVIIM - Shmuel Aleph 16-31 Name Miri Charner

NEVIIM - Shmuel Bet 1-12 Name Aron Raskas

NEVIIM - Shmuel Bet 13-24 Name Leib Zalesch

NEVIIM - Melachim/Kings Aleph 1-10 Name Mordechai Tusk

NEVIIM - Melachim/Kings Aleph 11-22 Name Mordechai Tusk

NEVIIM - Melachim/Kings Bet 1-12 Name Mordechai Tusk

NEVIIM - Melachim/Kings Bet 13-25 Name Mordechai Tusk

NEVIIM - Yeshayahu/Isaiah 1-20 Name Marci Langbaum

NEVIIM - Yeshayahu/Isaiah 21-40 Name Helen R Polak

NEVIIM - Yeshayahu/Isaiah 41-66 Name Debby Howarth

NEVIIM - Yirmiyahu/Jeremiah 1-25 Name richard nudelman

NEVIIM - Yirmiyahu/Jeremiah 26-52 Name richard nudelman

NEVIIM - Yechezkel/Ezekiel 1-24 Open Register Now
NEVIIM - Yechezkel/Ezekiel 25-48 Open Register Now
NEVIIM - Hoshea Name Tzippy Wecker

NEVIIM - Yoel Name Michael Turniansky

NEVIIM - Amos Name Justin Myrowitz

NEVIIM - Obadiah Name Avron Elbaum

NEVIIM - Yonah Open Register Now
NEVIIM - Micah Name Barry Dubin

NEVIIM - Nahum Name menachem sheen

NEVIIM - Habakkuk Name Aron

NEVIIM - Zephaniah Name Aron

NEVIIM - Chagai Name Josh Erez

NEVIIM - Zechariah Name Josh Erez

NEVIIM - Malachi Name Josh Erez

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 1-20 Name Juliya

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 21-40 Name Shmuel Silber

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 41-60 Name Abby Appelbaum

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 61-80 Name Shmuel Silber

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 81-100 Name Bryna Nirenberg

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 101-120 Name Shmuel Silber

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 121-140 Name Laurie Freeman

KESUVIM - Tehillim/Psalms 140-150 Name Janice Schwarzbaum

KESUVIM - Mishlei/Proverbs 1-10 Name Bryna Nirenberg

KESUVIM - Mishlei/Proverbs 11-20 Name Bryna Nirenberg

KESUVIM - Mishlei/Proverbs 21-31 Name Bryna Nirenberg

KESUVIM - Iyov/Job 1-20 Name Yitzi Turniansky

KESUVIM - Iyov/Job 21-42 Name Yitzi Turniansky

KESUVIM - Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs 1-4 Name Menachem Sheen

KESUVIM - Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs 4-8 Name menachem sheen

KESUVIM - Ruth Name Michael langbaum

KESUVIM - Eicha/Lamentations Name Menachem Sheen

KESUVIM - Koheles/Ecclesiastes 1-6 Name Jerry Appelbaum

KESUVIM - Koheles/Ecclesiastes 7-12 Name menachem sheen

KESUVIM - Esther Name Schwab Family

KESUVIM - Daniel Name Adam Rosen

KESUVIM - Ezra Name Jeremy Shindel

KESUVIM - Nechemiah Name Jeremy Shindel

DIVRE HaYAMIM I/Chronicles 1-15 Name CG polirer

DIVRE HaYAMIM I/Chronicles 16-29 Name CG Polirer

DIVRE HaYAMIM II/Chronicles 1-17 Open Register Now
DIVRE HaYAMIM II/Chronicles 18-33 Open Register Now


Shavuos Journal:
Share Your Reflections & Lessons Learned

Share a "lessons learned" or spiritual reflection on current events to inspire the kehilla. Add your #changeduringcovid epiphany, experience, personal transformation, thought or essay below.

Dedicate Shavuos programming:
As we eagerly await our return to our Beis HaKnesses, we are preparing a robust offering of Shavuos programs and pray we will be together when Shavuos arrives. Your generous sponsorships support our Torah learning and all that we offer:

Together, our Kehillah will complete Tanach. We will prepare ourselves for Kabbolas HaTorah by taking time to learn and appreciate the great treasure Hashem has given us and we will rejoice at a celebratory kiddush following davening and the siyum on Monday, June 10. 


Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780