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Suburban Orthodox offers a large spacious social hall for your simcha or community event. With ample parking and a central location close to main thorough-fairs and I695, Suburban is a prime location for your upcoming event. We offer simcha packages including but not limited to brisim, sheva brachos, Bar Mitzvah & Auf Ruf celebrations catered by chef and Board Member, Jon Kaplan, and under the kashrus supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Silber.

Room fees to include table/chair set up, custodian on site for event (maximum of four hours)

- Custodian ensures set up, availability during program, open/close of building
- Custodian does not act as waiter or service person
- $100 surcharge on all rentals for non-members
- $100 security deposit required to confirm rental (separate check)
- Full payment required two weeks prior to rental/Simcha. No function will be permitted to occur without payment.

$350 Monday - Thursday
$450 Friday/Shabbos/Sunday
(50% of price if only utilizing half of social hall – depending on size of group/space needed)

- If member is putting on kehillah kiddush then hosting lunch, no room rental cost. If another member is making kiddush, lunch renter pays fee based on occupancy.
- Renter must work with Shul schedule, no rentals during davening times, lunch may only begin after the completion of kiddush (generally not before 2pm). Renter responsible for lunch to kiddush conversation with caterer staff.

$300 mashgiach fee
if kitchen access is needed without certified caterer on site
$250 Kibbud Package for Simcha (includes up to 4 of 7 aliyos)
$175 Upstairs Beis Midrash Rental
$100 kitchen rental per kitchen
(only available to certified caterers)
$100 bartender fee for any kehillah simchos wishing to serve alcohol – liquor to be supervised and handled by a designated server at all times.
$50 storage fee (limited refrigerator and storage space available – Simcha items cannot be stored in shul office. No alcohol may be left on premises unless locked by the caterer.)
$50 single classroom rental
additional custodial use

- Includes use of main sanctuary, bris table and social hall.
- Social hall will be set up the evening prior by the custodian.
- Caterer takes responsibility for all food set up and clean-up.
- If a member wishes to utilize a drop off service, the renter is responsible for all food set up, table cloths, service wear and clean up. Access to the hot urn and ice can be provided upon request.


To inquire about a rental date or pricing for your simcha, please contact Shani Topper at or 410.484.6114 x4.

Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyyar 5781