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Yomim Noraim 5782 Outdoor Minyan New Signup

If you have not yet purchased a seat for Yomim Noraim 5782, please use this form. If you have already purchased a seat for the indoor minyan but are now planning to daven outdoors, please do not use this form.
   Men's Outdoor Seat - $180 Member
   Men's Outdoor Seat - $230 Non-Member
   Women's Outdoor Seat - $170 Member
   Women's Outdoor Seat - $230 Non-Member

The Shul is reliant on the Yomim Noraim Appeal in covering normal operating and maintenance expenses that occur throughout the year. Every September, coinciding with the Yomim Noraim, we ask that you make a pledge to support the Shul we all love and frequent. Rather than ask volunteers to make calls, we hope you will respond generously to the appeal.

Please specify how many and which of the sets you prefer for your party. The Mehudar Set is personally checked by Rabbi Silber or Rabbi Richter. The Deri Lulav is grown and checked in Israel and arrives packaged with a hashgacha. Orders must be placed by 9/9/21 (day after Rosh Hashanah).
Please note that while our cost for lulav and esrog sets has increased, our price will remain the same as previous years.

Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782