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Shavuos Siyum and More 5781

Together, our Kehilla will complete Tanach. We will prepare ourselves for Kabbolas HaTorah by taking time to learn and appreciate the great treasure Hashem has given us, and we will rejoice at a celebratory outdoor kiddush. 
Join us on the second day of Shavuos after davening in celebrating the culmination of our kehilla learning and the simcha of our Torah at this gala kiddush featuring a variety of delectable dairy dishes and cheesecakes.

Calling all SOTC kids to share in the meaningful and enlightening stories of our Torah with Rabbi Silber’s humor and warmth. Top that with a delicious ice cream treat for a sweet Shavuos celebration. 1st day of Yom Tov 5PM!

Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781