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N'Shei Keren Hashviis

Dear Friend,

As we begin the month of Kislev and approach the days of Chanukah, our kehilla has always looked for ways to spread the "light and brightness of Chanukah" to others in need. 

The SOTC Sisterhood is thrilled to share a new opportunity to fortify our connection with our sisters in Eretz Yisrael who are keeping the Mitzvah of Shmitah. Our shul has partnered with Keren Hashviis to support a specific family who is keeping this invaluable, yet very difficult mitzvah (see details in section below). This support, however, does not cover many of the household expenses which arise throughout the year.

We, the women of SOTC, have a special opportunity to connect to and be there for the countless mothers and wives who are lacking the basic funds for necessary "extras" for their families - shoes for the children, coats for winter, fees for school activities, a small gift to celebrate a birthday, etc. We can be there for the the families of Eretz Yisrael and partner in observing the mitzvah of Shmitah! 

What is our goal? We are looking for the women of SOTC to commit to donate $1 a day ($30 a month for 10 months) to this worthy cause. Join our team'shei-keren-hashviis.html.

Additionally, for every 50 women from our Shul who join this program, a beautiful necklace, inscribed with the name of our Shul and the words, "Nshei Yisrael Itach", "the women of Yisrael are with you", will be presented to the wife of a shmitah family with whom we are partnering. 

Their emunah and their stories are remarkable. If you only have a few minutes, please watch this short video:

As part of this beautiful initiative, N'shei Keren HaShviis of Israel has compiled a collection of video interviews with "Shmitah Families". The first two episodes have been released and can be viewed here: These inspiring videos showcase the power of the women, who together with their husbands, keep Shmitah. Each of us has the rare opportunity to help our sisters in Eretz Yisrael, to ease their burden, in an exquisite show of unity and encouragement.

Together, we will create a bond of commitment with a specific farmer's wife whose family and personal peace of mind will benefit from our kindness and solidarity.

Looking forward to sharing in this special mitzvah with you,

Rebbetzin Aviva Silber
Shayna Cohn
Michal Weisberg
Shani Topper

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyyar 5782