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The Friends of the Reserves

The Friends of the Reserves
 –  ידידי מגיני ישראל (ע"ר 580527976)

The Friends of the Reserves (ידידי מגיני ישראל ע"ר 580527976) provides Israeli reservists and security forces with the protective equipment that is required to safely and successfully defend themselves, the Israeli citizens and borders. This nonprofit was founded in 2006, in the aftermath of the 2nd Lebanon War, by a veteran of the war – Sam Friedman.

Sam and his wife, Einat, volunteered their time and have continued to run the nonprofit for the last 17 years. Even during “peace” time, they have supplied bulletproof vests, ballistic goggles, knee pads, drones, security cameras, and even a bulletproof jeep.

Since the current war started, they have received (and are still receiving) an enormous number of calls from people in Israel (officers of special units, soldiers, and their relatives) who are in real need of life-saving equipment. The nonprofit has already purchased and shipped bulletproof vests, handheld radios, tactical cameras, knee pads and gloves.

Mon, February 26 2024 17 Adar I 5784