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Dear Friends,
As we enter into the fifth week of this current reality, we are trying our best to adapt to this new world. We daven each and every day for a refuah for all those who have been stricken by the virus and for those who are BH healthy to remain shielded and protected from illness.
With this unprecedented upheaval of daily life - there are also incredible opportunities for growth and aliyah. As we watch everything around us change, we must find the courage to evolve, self-actualize and better ourselves. We must use this tumultuous period for spiritual and personal growth. We don’t understand the ways of Hashem, but we must use the circumstances He gives as a springboard to reach higher. We always strive to offer you meaningful learning, inspiration and direction. Through the #ChangeDuringCovid campaign, it is my fervent hope that we can harness the power of the days and weeks ahead for positive change. 
We have been on many journeys together throughout the years, this is but another. We will get through this together. When we look back at this time, let us ensure that these tumultuous days were a personal turning point leading us to become someone greater and holier. 
In the coming days, we will be sharing opportunities for transformation and growth through Torah, tefillah and chesed. We hope to inspire you and share in your growth. We hope to see you on Zoom, hear about your chesed and celebrate your learning. Check the site regularly for ideas, inspiration and access to new opporunities!
Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Shmuel Silber

TORAH The beauty of Torah is that it can take place anywhere. Even though the  Shuls and Yeshivos are closed, our Torah learning does not stop. Our core learning offerings are in the side bar flyer on your right, and the daily schedule is just above that. Sign up to receive a weekly shiur update featuring special shiurim and videos. Dive into the dynamic topics and resources on The Institute at Suburban site. Here are more ways to enhance your Torah:

Join a shiur. We will be offering a weekly schedule of shiurim and Torah learning opportunities on diverse meaningful topics at various days and times to fit your needs. See schedule details below. 

Learn with your family or a friend. Choose a learning project to do with your children or a friend. With children - it can be something they are already doing for school or something new that will be special for the family. With friends – select a work that speaks to both of you or one where you or the friend can offer expertise and have thoughtful discussions.

Share Divrei Torah. If you are privileged to be having meals with your family, make sure there is a Dvar Torah at every meal (not just Shabbos). Create a rotation among the family members and use these Divrei Torah as a springboard for meaningful table discussion. If you are on your own, learn something at every meal and turn your meals into a learning experience. Then use that new thought or idea for a discussion spring board with a family member or friend. Consider a “dinner date” – a virtually shared meal and discussion. We will IYH be providing a weekly Shabbos Companion to inspire conversation.

Take on a personal learning project. Whether it is preparing for Siyum Tanach with the kehilla, a Mishna a day, or reading from a book with daily lessons - do something to grow. Mention "Suburban" when ordering from Shabsi's Judaica to receive 10% off and free delivery on book purchases of $20+. Recommended sefarim: Living EmunahGan HaEmunahChofetz Chaim Lesson A Daily Torah , StudyDaily Dose of Torah SeriesMashel Tov (Parsha & Holidays)Lessons in Leadership (Parsha), Praying with Fire. ​​​​​

Check the homepage for regular schedule updates and be sure you're signed up to receive info on our special shiurim and daily inspiration including Rabbi Silber's Emunah Minute, Pirkei Avos insights and more.

TEFILLAH One of the most powerful tools we possess is the ability to speak to Hashem through prayer. Davening provides us with the opportunity to ask Hashem for what we need, open up to Him about our fears and insecurities, and offers us the space to introspect.  

Join us for our Zoom Minyanim. Although we cannot create a halachik minyan over Zoom, we do have the ability to daven individually, together: Bookmark our Zoom Beis Midrash:, password 7504 | audio: (929)205-6099, code: 4591668597

Set a schedule. If you can’t join us on zoom, make set times for davening on your own. Consistency and regularity are always keys to success.

Take your time. When life was normal, we often had to cut davening short to go to work, drive a carpool or make a meeting. Those things, for the most part, are no longer part of our daily routine (in the same way). The words of davening are beautiful, transformative and uplifting. I urge us to focus on articulating each and every word. Each week, choose a different part of davening (or teffilah) to focus on. Learn about it, understand and come to a great appreciation.

Daven with your family. This is an incredible opportunity for parents to model davening for their children.  

Recite Tehillim. The power of Dovid HaMelech’s words cannot be underestimated. Even if you just say one chapter a day, the words will penetrate your soul and make a difference in our world. To be assigned a daily portion: Janice Schwarzbaum 917-651-4237 or recite at your own pace. Or take part in the Kehilla Tehillim at your own pace.

CHESED During challenging times, people often turn inwards. We must resist the temptation and constantly try to be there for the other. With social distancing, chesed has changed, but there are endless opportunities to make a difference.

Pick up the phone. There are many elderly and isolated people within our community. Getting a phone call and knowing that someone is thinking about you makes such an incredible difference. If we each made one call a day, we could make such an impact and drive away some small measure of isolation. To be assigned a buddy, contact Leah Sol.

Check on your neighbors. We all have people in close proximity that are home-bound. Arrange a time to meet outside (maintaining proper social distancing) and say hello. Even just a few minutes of genuine contact and connection is so powerful and meaningful.  

Look for opportunities. We live in a wonderful community with incredible chesed organizations. There are always opportunities to help. National Week of Volunteerism

Join a Shul chesed project. If you would like to get involved with some of our Shul  Leah Sol chesed opportunities, please be in touch with Leah Sol or Patty Leve and you can help with some of our incredible projects.


Fri, June 5 2020 13 Sivan 5780